Who we are

Estratti liquori affini was born in the heart of Naples, Italy, way back in 1944, by the intuition of its founder, Mario di Martino. He was an expert and passionate about sweets and confectionary products. The Estratti liquori affini became soon synonymous in guaranteeing the tradition of homemade products.

Mario di Martino, with skill and dedication, managed to give new lustre to the family business, handed down to his children and grandchildren, the production of flavours, liqueurs and creams for desserts. The innovative products were created also through new technologies but without ever abandoning the traditional recipes. And it was following the tradition that Luigi di Martino -one of Mario’s sons- created, “A Carnival Cream”.

After months of sleepless nights and laboratory tests, the product was patented soon becoming the most excellent product of the company. The Estratti liquori affini was destined to grow under the leadership of Luigi di Martino who continued to work keeping his mind projected to the future. The high quality of the ingredients (natural materials) led the company to become the first name in carnival creams. And all the other creams, created after, became a flagship of the Estratti liquori affini.

The unmistakable and inimitable fragrance of the Arancio and Millefiori aroma, used in cakes but mainly in one of the most traditional tasty desserts: the Neapolitan Pastiera, has no rivals in the sector. The unique scent of Neroli essential oil, a product certainly not easy to find, is another star product of the company.